Your website is an extension of your business flyer or business card. The design should be eye catching, educate the customer, and convert your visitors into leads. Our work follows SEO best practice, is mobile-ready with responsive design, and structured for fast page-crawling.

Unique as you

We take pride in developing a unique site for each individual client. We never use a template. Your company is unique and should be represented online with a site that is emblematic of your core principles. We can research new compelling imagery or develop a cohesive plan that incorporates your existing photos, graphics, and marketing assets.


Our process makes
the difference

Your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy. It is critical your marketing goals guide the website's development from the start. A quality end-to-end design educates your visitors with captivating content and identifies them with conversion points. Surfalot Design understands internet behavior and will ensure your site capitalizes on that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobile Responsive Design

Folks are browsing the internet on mobile devices more and more. Your site should be mobile ready. With more than 30% of browsers on mobile devices, your site needs to take advantage of responsive design.

All our sites display well on iPhone, Android, and other mobiles. Surfalot Design takes advantage of mobile ready best practices to ensure all your visitors have a pleasant and fast experience.

Why WordPress CMS?

WordPress is 100% customizable, user-friendly, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, fully W3C compliant, and blog ready. WordPress is also recognized for data safety, scalability, website security, and multi-user functionality. WordPress is well maintained, making it one of the safest and universally supported world-wide.

One of Google's indexing considerations is your HTML code. Google does not like excessive code. Wordpress is already streamlined which creates a good basis for your future SEO efforts. Your website is scalable and can grow alongside your business.