Today's marketplace is online. With an online commercial presence you can reach more customers in less time. Surfalot Design will help you develop a shopping experience your customers will enjoy and want to return to. We build solutions on a variety of platforms including WordPress with WooCommerce, osCommerce, oscMax, and Loaded Commerce.

Working for you

An easy to use cart solution translates to sales. Internet users run from a difficult checkout processes. Your solution should be guest checkout ready and pull customers through the payment with confidence, several payment options, and without distractions. We build smart cart solutions that ease your customers through the and bring them back.


Extensive eCommerce

Your online strategy is just as important as the features of your Internet store. We can guide your strategy decisions and give you the tools to run a successful web business.

The two most prominent eCommerce solutions we work with are osCommerce and WordPress with WooCommerce. Both are excellent well-supported platforms providing extensive libraries of extensions, modifications, and add-ons as well as shipping and payment modules.

osCommerce is a full featured eCommerce store. It is supported by a vast community of professionals and extendable without limits. Unlike SaaS Web Stores, an online shop built with osCommerce is yours to modify and host anywhere.

We work with all versions of osCommerce. From v2.2 through v3.0, we have the experience you need to get any job done right. Surfalot Design developers have extensive knowledge with hosting, site transfers, upgrades, repairs for PHP updates, patches, add-on installation, custom feature development, and creating payment and shipping modules.

WordPress is an excellent choice for websites with up to 50 products. WordPress the Internet's most popular website platform. It is supported by an extensive community of professionals and help websites. Since WordPress is an open source platform, we are free to customize it without limit and host it anywhere PHP is supported.

We will work with any version to maintain, extend, and update the core and its vast library of templates and add-ons. Surfalot Design professionals are experts with WordPress. We install, modify, and develop new add-ons without limit.

Let's expand your product reach

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Your online store should retain customers and expand business. Our eCommerce specialists will develop you a great customer experience rich with customer retention tools. Are you ready to grow your business? Setup a free no obligation consultation with an eCommerce specialist. Submit the contact form or call us today.