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Alt Checkout

for osCommerce v2.3.3 and v2.3.4

Easy Checkout is a modification to the osCommerce checkout system. This offers lots of features for the customer and shop owner alike.

Immediately after, the page displays a form to enter both shipping and billing information so customers can checkout without account.

If the item is downloadable, the customer is allowed to proceed. If the item is shipped and when all the required fields are completed, Easy Checkout will use AJAX to pull shipping options from the server and display them below the shipping and billing form. Once a shipping method is selected, the customer may proceed to the payment page and select their payment method.

The Payment and Confirmation pages are the same as the standard osCommerce shop.

On the Checkout Success page, the user is given an option to create an account if they would like to. In addition, the Notifications module, Downloads module and any other module available is also displayed.


Optional Features

Options are available to enable a couple other features.

Returning customers can continue to checkout as a Guest. At any point they decide to create an account, all previous orders that have used that same email address will be gathered into the new account.

Another optional feature is allowing customers with accounts to return and checkout as a Guest. As long as they use the same email address, the new orders will be added to the customer's account. It is easy to use the internet browser's cached values to fill in the shipping and billing and checkout without logging-in. We've recognized the convenience and harnessed it as a feature.


This add-on will become available soon.