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Surfalot Design is a highly experienced web designer and developer working most often with WordPress and osCommerce. This client profile is provided for your review as part of our portfolio.


Website Design

Surfalot Design was asked to redesign the original Thexton website to simplify, organize, and develop a fresh look. This is a redesign of the company website using company logo colors and osCommerce Online Merchant. The site features both desktop and mobile versions, custom product idea form and Surfalot Design's Alt Checkout to minimize shopping cart abandonment and maximize customer satisfaction.

Mobile Design

Thexton's mobile site design simplified the customer shopping experience for smaller devices. The mobile site carried over all the of the features from the full sized desktop site. Their custom product idea form was converted to mobile layout using jQuery form elements for customer convenience.

Easy Checkout

Both mobile and desktop sites include Surfalot Design's Alt Checkout add-on. This customized checkout offers all of the best practices in checkout design including; payments without account, guest checkout as a default, save for later, ask for shipping info before billing, seamless design, ask for minimal and only essential info, security reassurances, and simple inline error correction. These great features minimize shopping cart abandonment and maximize customer satisfaction.


Thexton develops and manufactures great tool ideas for the automotive market. After 108 years in business, automotive specialty tools remain the primary focus geared specifically for the professional auto mechanic and technician. Thexton has keeps in stride with the constant changes in the automotive market by introducing ten to twenty new products every year.

Thexton is a one-stop US prototyping and manufacturing company featuring a 20,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility, modeling and machine shop, a research and development department with computer aided design, an electronic design and assembly facility, and a complete packaging facility.

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Services Provided

  • Website Design
    Website Design
  • Mobile Website Design
    Mobile Website Design
  • eCommerce Solution
    eCommerce Solution
  • osCommerce Development
    osCommerce Development
  • Website Security Maintenance & Updates
    Website Security Maintenance & Updates


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